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How to Create a Favourable Ground at Company Level?

Have you ever tried to change something in your life, but it did not last?

Maybe you’ve tried to change specific behaviors, such as quitting smoking, drinking, bingeing, or procrastinating. Maybe you tried to be more motivated, wake up early, meditate or generate more action in your life? The reason most changes don’t last is because most people are trying to make such changes at the behavior level and not at the identity/belief level.

Your identity, beliefs and values are what determines the actions and behaviors you undertake in your life.

Think about this …

Your BRAIN is like a SUPER COMPUTER. Your identity, beliefs and values are the OPERATING SYSTEM and the Software/App on it. This is also known as your “Model of the World” or “Mind Map”.

Most people use outdated operating system and software, they have never updated or expanded it, so the changes they try to make are limited.

Your model of the world guides your perceptions and behaviors.

In Interpersonal Communication the term “model of the world” refers to an individual’s beliefs and values, filters, desires, expectations, experiences, and knowledge about the world. It is like a cognitive GPS from which you interpret situations and navigate around the world.

Have you ever had an experience with someone where you have had a difference of opinion? That’s because you have a different mental model of the world than others. Based on your experiences in life, you create belief systems about yourself and others. If those experiences are negative, this can cause excessive generalization.

Psychologists use the term “cognitive biases” to describe irrational, inflated thoughts or beliefs that distort the perception of the person’s reality, usually in a negative way. Of course, you will feel inclined to trust what your brain tells you. However, there are some situations where you must guess what he is telling you.

Your brain is a cancellation tool. At regular intervals, it’s eliminating 99% of what you might receive around you. The brain can focus on so many things at once. If you’re not happy with your life, it’s very likely because you’re staring at something. This way, you are deleting all the things that are happening in the present moment.

There are so many things to be thankful for.

Do you think you can choose to feel good at any time? When you experience positive emotions, you create more positive generalizations that will serve your world model.

Abraham Hicks said it better: “Let your dominant intent be to feel good… as you practice it, the Universe, which has observed you as you practice, will give you continuous opportunities to express it. So that your life becomes better and better. “

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to react to what is happening at any given time. In turn, we end up associating ourselves with the feelings that accompany that experience. When these feelings are not positive, it is easy to generate stories about ourselves and others.

How would you feel if you could choose to feel good, despite what is happening around and inside you? That doesn’t mean you have to ignore your problems. Instead, you’re choosing to consciously create a reality you want. Take it as a priority to continually challenge your belief systems.

If you allow a single worldview to dominate your thinking, you will become narrow-minded. This is a great way to distort your perception of reality and trap you in a perennial state of indifference.

As the common proverb says:

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

However, when you make the effort to continually update your mental models, you prepare your mind for success.

If your mental model of the world is not serving you, it is time to make a change. All beliefs are learned, which means they can be forgotten.

In the words of the late great, Wayne Dyer:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

How to create a favourable ground at company level following this knowledge?

It is important to prepare (shape) minds regularly, consistently and for a significant period before implementing significant changes to the business model, products, or work methodologies.

Our U-Mind International Training Program is composed of diverse steps and different levels of execution to achieve the desired outcome and goal(s) in the fastest way possible, whilst aiming in the longevity and premium quality functionality of the high-end magnitude skills acquired by the tailor-made, Training Program for each client.

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