Employer Branding


Power your brand on social media with the best spokespeople: your employees

BeAmbassador boosts employer branding, employee advocacy and social selling strategies through a network of brand ambassadors

Why beambassador?

BeAmbassador is the pioneer platform with which you will be able to strengthen your strategies of employing brand, social selling and employee branding thanks to the promotion of employees through a network of brand ambassadors

8 times more engagement

The content shared by employees have 8 times more engagement by the audience on social media

16 times more attractive

The contents shared by your ambassador network are 16 times more attractive to read for users



Beambassador Features

All your Employee Branding strategy from a single platform

Content library

Create a segmented content library for ambassadors to share voluntarily


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time and analyze the impact of every post.


Possibility to create a competition in which ambassadors can compete for different prizes.


Customize the score according to the activity of your ambassadors and reward the most active thanks to the ranking.

Content Curation

Share content from the most relevant information sources for your company without leaving the platform

Brand Ambassadors Network

Build your own network of brand ambassadors and group them by categories according to department, area,

We adapt to your needs!

We have experience in implementing employer branding and employee branding strategies in sectors such as retail, higher education, insurance, sports and associations. We develop tailor-made solutions according to the specific characteristics of each sector


What do companies think of us?

Working with BeAmbassador has allowed us to have a tool with the necessary functionalities to meet the objectives of facilitating the dissemination of corporate content among Reale Seguros’ official agencies in Spain.

Our goal in Saphir Parfums was to amplify the presence of the brand in Social Media. With BeAmbassador we have achieved it. Our employees have known each other better through the tool and carry out activities together.

The Entrepreneurship Unit of the General Foundation of La Laguna’s University has managed to have content that helps us build our personal and professional brand with new content daily.


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